Turn Pain into Purpose & Create Lasting Freedom
Join Deborah Live for Two Days of Transformative Conversations & Personal Coaching On the Topic of
Self-Sabotage & The Power of Forgiveness!
Forgiveness has the power to transform your health, your relationships, and your life by putting an end to the self-sabotaging patterns holding you back!

The Conversation Takes Place on June 3rd & 4th!

Dear Soul Sister,

Deborah Murtagh here, and I would like to show you how forgiveness has completely changed my life in ways I could only dream of.

If you’re feeling stuck in your health and weight loss journey…

If you’re constantly struggling with patterns that do not serve where you’re trying to go, or wrestling with feelings of unworthiness and self-sabotage…

Or perhaps you’ve identified someone in your life who still has power over you, and you want to move forward…

Then I’m excited to invite you to the next Conversations with Deb, where we will undergo a transformative path toward forgiveness to help you re-focus on the opportunities of your future and grant yourself new gifts!

I’ll show you the exact framework I used to change the entire direction and course of my life and finally become the person I was destined to be!

Because I was once where you are now.

I Remember Feeling Like
Everything Was Falling Apart

In my 30s, my life was falling apart.

I could see my life crumbling and felt powerless to stop it.

Even though I fought to save my relationships, build my business, and maintain my health…

… I always hit a brick wall.

No matter how much progress I made, something inside me kept me locked down and playing small.
I knew something had to change deep inside.

But I didn’t know how…

I Underwent a Long Journey to Finally Break Free of My Self-Sabotaging Patterns

I tried everything to find inner peace.

I read books. I did online programs. I went on retreats. I even studied with some of the greatest teachers in the personal development space.

But the truth is, everything I did led me back to the same story.

I was a victim.

When I was very young, my father’s abandonment wounded me deeper than I imagined.
These wounds affected my self-worth and created self-sabotaging patterns that kept me from living the life I’ve always wanted.

To escape these patterns…

I needed deep growth work to heal in a way that would profoundly change my behavior.

Moving Through Forgiveness Was The Only Thing That Helped Me Break Free Of My Limitations And Create My Dream Life

Now let me be clear…

Forgiveness is NOT about letting people off the hook.
❌ Forgiveness is NOT about forgetting what happened.
❌ Forgiveness is NOT about agreeing with what happened.

This is about creating AUTHENTIC freedom within you.

Forgiveness is so much more than releasing the memory of the trauma. It’s an enormous opportunity for post-traumatic growth.

And what that means is…

YOU can overcome the bounds holding you back and become empowered by them to create new and meaningful stories in your life.

This is why I started doing retreat work. And for the past 20 years, alongside Debra Renney, we are amazed by how this process of forgiveness fundamentally changes the core beliefs of the women we work with and creates lasting positive outcomes.

Whether you have a small trauma or a big trauma, you have the power to reframe your story and see yourself in a new light!

If you can change your identity, you can change your life!

  • Break free of self-sabotaging patterns holding you back!
  • ​Become the best version of yourself!
  • ​Be the light for your loved ones and community! 
  • ​Find self-love, self-compassion, and pure acceptance to overcome anything that stands in your way!
  • ​Find your true calling and start working towards your authentic self!
Forgiveness is about transmuting your whole entire being, your consciousness into a place of total authentic freedom and empowerment to see the amazing opportunities for growth that can come from your life afterward.
Join the Next Live Conversations With Deborah
Saturday, June 3rd & Sunday June 4th 2023
Get the tools you need to free yourself and live a life of self-love, self-compassion, and deep authentic healing!

This is possible!
Saturday June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th 2023
Time Schedule:
Saturday: 7am to 11am & 6pm to 8pm NZT
Sunday: 7am to 11am NZT

Over 2 days of live coaching and facilitation, I will guide you on a journey of authentic healing to release these patterns forever!

Through learning to identify and let go of the root causes of suffering, you can step into the positive and inspiring life you are worthy of leading!

Time to let them GO.
Discover the power of forgiveness
Saturday, June 3rd & Sunday, June 4th 2023
One-time payment of $247
Or 3x Pay @ $83 USD / Month x3
If you have any questions or concerns about the program, email us at support@ketogenicswitch.com

Ladies, I want you to know that the time for you is NOW.
There is no better time to start. There is no better time to move forward.

Join me in learning how to transform your life through the power of forgiveness and release yourself from self-sabotaging patterns.
What You Will Experience
Join LIVE calls with Deborah Murtagh over 2 days of coaching

And because this will be a personal journey, we will have a fluid schedule filled with intimate conversations, breakout rooms for personal sharing and coaching, and healing work based on proven tools and techniques acquired from over 25 years of experience.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

- The what and the why of forgiveness
- The story we attach to our life experiences
- The benefits and drawbacks of life experiences
- Mirror work – seeing the lessons
- Stages of forgiveness and shifting into empowerment
- Stepping beyond forgiveness
- Coming home to self-love and authentic freedom
- Plus so much more!

“Thank you for a wonderful day ❤️There were a few light bulb moments which I need to work through. I’m looking forward to the recording so I can listen to it again as I had a few interruptions. So much to take in! ”
“It was amazing, thank you so very much for making it happen. I would LOVE more online events like that, much easier to access and afford than the retreats. So a much wider audience as well. Thanks again!”
“I loved it. Learned about myself… at 51. Thank you. I didn’t think I would be able to join it live because I am in Toronto, but I did. And I stayed awake! I began TKS on March 3, 2021 and as of today and down 51.4 pounds. I still have more to lose, but feel much more confident that I will be able to do so on this plan. I continue to learn! I love the program because I value the logic of it…the explanations for what happens to my body and why. It’s so helpful to me to understand what is actually happening. Thank you for the guidance and the wonderful event”
Or 3x Pay @ $83 USD / Month x3
This Next Conversations With Deborah is For You If…
- You feel that past trauma is holding you back and are ready to step into a new reality

- You want a proven process to find the true meaning behind your experiences and connect more deeply with your authentic self

- You want to gain the tools to help yourself and your loved ones

- You’re ready to ask questions and support other women on a similar journey of transformative healing

- You have a genuine desire to take control of your life and start creating new and exciting opportunities

- You are ready to learn and transform

- You are ready for a journey towards more self-love, more self-compassion, and more acceptance of others

- You want more inner peace and freedom so you can become the light for others in this world

If you’re ready, I can help you let go and heal!

I Can’t Wait to See You at the Next Conversations With Deborah

It’s been my life-long mission to help women find their authentic selves and start not only living — but thriving in this world.

I’m confident that together, we can do the deep work necessary to release those residual pieces of the past holding you back, let go, and experience a transformational shift.

I know because this is what happened to me.

And it wasn’t until I had the tools and knowledge to get to the root of my self-sabotaging patterns that I was finally able to see HUGE PROGRESS in my life.

Now, I want every woman to feel this authentic empowerment from finally transforming those last crumbs and letting go to step into a new power of self-love and healing.

Discover the power of forgiveness
Saturday, June 3rd & Sunday, June 4th 2023
One-time payment of $247
Or 3x Pay @ $83 USD / Month x3
If you have any questions or concerns about the program, email us at support@ketogenicswitch.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Q: Will it be recorded?

A: Yes! There will be a recordings hosted in the SWITCHAura App, in the Conversations With Deb event space.

Q: Will it be recorded for those of us on the other side of the world?

A: Yes! We will be sure to record the entire event for all our Northern Hemisphere Sisters to enjoy and benefit from the amazing material, with all material being made available in the app for the entire month.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: This is a retreat-style experience, so context is very important. Giving yourself this time and creating a space of comfort is extremely helpful - prepare your meals and snacks beforehand, have candles and incense burning, surround yourself with beautiful flowers, have a notebook and pen at the ready and be sure to have the space all to yourself. It’s exceptionally important that you truly give yourself the gift of TIME. Set your phone on flight-mode, tell your family and friends you are taking the day for yourself, and get into a positive and comfortable space within your home. 
Q: How do I watch the replay & when will it be available?

A: After the event has concluded, the footage will be available on the SWITCHAURA App in the Conversations With Deb space.

Q: Do I need to take notes?

A: This is entirely up to you, however the style of the exercise does require full attention. This is why we are making the recording available for after the Live event - having this to go back to and re-absorb the information is integral to continue on the journey. Showing up and experiencing the day within the moment will give you an authentic ability to connect, and then having the video to reference back to will give you the chance to really pause and reflect, delve into the deep moments and take as many notes as needed! 
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