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A results-oriented membership that helps you get the support you need each week — so you make consistent progress toward your weight loss goals.

The #1 thing that will GUARANTEE your success 

FACT: Women are far more likely to succeed when they have the support of a weight loss group. 

When you join Sistas On Switch, you get access to coaches that have been trained by Deborah Murtagh personally. - As many times as you like, every single week. 

The truth is the journey to getting to your goal weight is just that - a journey.

The average woman loses weight and then puts it all back on - and then some.

They believe that once she’s lost the weight she can relax, and not worry about what she eats. Right? But just because you are at goal weight, or on the path of losing weight and going well, doesn’t mean you can go back to your old habits. It just means you have a path that needs to be followed. And to do that you need support. 

Or maybe you just can’t seem to even get started on TKS. You have all of the information, all of the articles, videos and recipes - but it’s still not enough to kick-start your journey. 

Or perhaps you ARE doing it, and getting somewhere with your weight loss, but you know it would be easier and faster if you had the support of a weekly meeting.

You can achieve your weight loss goals even if you: 

✔️ Don’t think losing all that weight is possible right now
✔️ Don’t always have your “mindset switch” firmly in place
✔️ Fall off the wagon on some days
✔️ Have life situations that derail you, and stress takes over

You can do this, with weekly support and embracing that there is a way forward to help you to win!
If you’re reading this, nodding your head, and feeling inspired to fully embrace being a TKS success story, then you’re in the right place!

Back when I first started working with my weight loss clients, I heard them constantly saying “Just tell me what to do!”

They would be desperate for a clear path they could follow to get from where they were to where they wanted (and needed to be).

And so Sistas On Switch was born. 

And, now that I’ve gotten TKS to a point where we are consistently helping 10,000’s of women every day, for 6 years, I started thinking about how else I can best serve our members.

I asked “what if I COULD create weekly groups where my coaches can tell someone what to do” - but more specifically give them a clear path to follow that leads to more aligned weight loss results, provides motivation, and answers questions on each of the Phases and more!

Which is how Sistas On Switch was born!
So…. What is it?

Sistas On Switch Membership is both a movement and a community of women who share one big vision:
Doing things that work, but also feel good — to live a life we love.

You can go through the phases with those who are walking the path with you. 

(Choose your group depending on where you are at in the TKS cycle). 

And my TKS-trained coaches don’t just share what works each week. They also share observations and insights so you know WHY each part of the plan works.

One big difference is that it’s designed to help you get and stay at goal weight week by week — in a very strategic and incremental way.

Because let’s be honest, you’ve either been in TKS for a while now, lost some weight but lost your way, or you find the gold nuggets of information and strategies in the group too much to tackle alone, or you know you just need extra support to get you to your goal. 

That’s not what I want! I want you to actually be able to succeed at the plan, take action, and get results.

So, to get the extra support you need, we come together as a community to focus on where you are in plan each week that will generate knowledge, motivation and inspiration to help you win!

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From $67 / Month or $670 / Year. 
how does it work?
In the Sistas On Switch Membership, we break it down into a Framework to help you Succeed plus offers classes too.


Each week, we hold a group coaching call that aligns with the phase of the plan that you are at. It’s delivered in the form of a live training that covers the topic in a way that is easily digestible and equips you to getting results.

The goal is NOT to overwhelm you, but to guide you with strategies 
that work and that give you clear directions on how to effectively stay on track and in flow.

You’ll have a deeper understanding of the TKS phase you are at and a clear picture for how you’re going to crush your goals for the week.

During the call, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the plan and staying on track! 


Each week, you can hop on a live Mindset training call where one of my coaches, (and/or a guest expert) teaches you everything you need to know about being in the right Mindset. 

This part of the framework is what really sets us apart from most diet programs and courses out there. Without the Mindset work, you will almost certainly relapse or fall off the wagon. 

So, when building Sistas On Switch Membership, I knew I wanted it to be something different. This dedicated time to focus on your Mindset has been a game-changer for ladies in our community.


For me (and our TKS ladies!), having a place to show up every week, with the support and camaraderie of people who “get” what you’re doing and what you’re going through can make a big difference. 

Which is why everyone in the Sistas On Switch Membership can be reassured of a safe space to connect, network, share their progress, ask questions, and feel the camaraderie and support of the community on the group calls, meeting all of your human needs.

Our hope is that you come for the coaching support, but that the connections you make (and the results you get) enriches your overall Ketogenic Switch experience.

Get instant access to coaching today.
From just $67 / Month or $670 / Year. 
What Topics Are Covered 
Each Month?


To set you up for success, join the Getting Stated Call. Whether you are transitioning from the 30 Day Challenge or brand new to The Ketogenic Switch TKS, this call is for you.

Come with your questions and be ready to start your journey with TKS, understanding what to do next. Your coach will take you through the steps to help you make sense of the information and be able to achieve your weight loss goals with confidence!


Your TKS weight loss journey begins at detox! This phase truly sets you up for the rest of the 8 week cycle. 

We often see people skipping this stage or not completing it properly and believe this call will equip you to complete detox and complete it well.

Learn the true reason for detox as well as how to prepare properly and complete the two weeks with ease and energy. You will be equipped with the right mindset tools to take on this often challenging first step in your weight loss journey. 


During the fat cycling call we want to walk you through how to increase the fat content in your diet in the right way so that it actually enhances your level of ketosis and allows you to lose MORE weight - not put on weight! 

This is also an opportunity to understand how to reintroduce foods that were cut out during detox and observe your reaction to them. 

Doing this properly, under the guidance of your coach, gives you assurance of whether these foods are hindering your weight loss journey or not. Knowledge is power!


The healing phase makes up the largest component of your 8 week cycle. 

We want to teach you why this is the ‘healing’ phase and how you can maximise the healing benefits to improve your health journey. 

Join this call to learn how much of an impact your gut can have on weight loss and how you can harness a healthy microbiome to improve your metabolic health as well as your overall health, hormones and energy levels. 


Stabilising your weight is JUST AS important as losing the weight in the first place. If you don’t stabilise your new weight, the kilos will slowly creep back on until you are back at your starting weight - your weight set point. Sound familiar? We want to prevent this from ever happening again and ensure your hard earned weight loss remains.

Stablisation phase is all about hormonally resetting your weight set point so that moving forward your body actually works to keep you at this new weight. Your coach will make sure you know how to do this correctly, saving you from the on-going cycle of weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain. 


The arrival at maintenance comes with much excitement and some angst. It can be scary being free of structure and set rules. 

Here’s where we want to empower you to take control of your lifestyle and really find out what works for your physiology and your lifestyle moving forward. In this call your coach will talk you through the best options for an on-going lifestyle that allows you to remain at your new weight, enjoy the benefits of ketosis and also have some flexibility. 

We want this to be a sustainable and enjoyable path ahead.


“It wasn’t until I dived into the mindset work that I started to lose weight” is a common phrase we hear! Knowing your reasons why, understanding your barriers and committing to this journey with the right mindset is absolutely critical to your success. 

We want you to do this once and do it well which is why we have created this call to empower you in the process. 

Having a coach to guide you through the mindset work and answer the curly questions as well as a group of other individuals who are challenging themselves with the same thoughts and committing to a new outlook makes this whole journey easier on you. 


There is something powerful about group meditation! 

In these sessions you will learn various mindfullness and meditation techniques and various practices. And you'll be guided you through meditation to bring a sense of calm and wellbeing into your daily life.


Join Deborah at her new monthly Soul Switch event where she shares teachings usually only reserved for her sell-out retreats! 

One of Deborah’s deepest passions and purposes is in helping women rise to their true potential and find their innermost joys by understanding who they truly are beyond the human ego. By looking beyond the physical world, and discovering a much higher meaning in life through connection to the divine, true authentic freedom can be achieved. 


We recognise that accountability is a crucial ingredient in your success story. This call will allow you to personally meet other like-minded individuals who you can partner with to walk through your weight loss journey - sharing your wins and encouraging each other in the challenges. 

Your coach will facilitate this accountability and ask you the key questions to keep you responsible for your decisions. 

Empowering you to go into your week with the enthusiasm, mindset and accountability to crush your goals! 

For those of you unable to attend Deborah's retreats in person, this is your opportunity to be inspired by deep discussions around who we truly are on a soul level, find more meaning in life and thrive into the soul you were born to be. During these sessions, we will deep-dive into manifestation and much more!

Note: While Deborah was raised Christian, she will be discussing topics such as reincarnation, consciousness and quantum physics; discovering your highest purpose and encouraging you to find the meaning in your life beyond organised religion. Anyone who is on their spiritual path or open to learning is welcome to attend.


From just $67 USD per month 
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